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Warren Vestal Memorial Sponsorship

Honoring passed Pirates and Whirlies 

Honor your passed family or friends through the Warren Vestal Memorial Sponsorship to help their name live on for years to come. The sponsorship is a one-time $50 payment to have your loved one's name listed on our Memorial Banner at tournament check-in. Their name will remain on the banner each year the tournament takes place. 


In memory and honor of

Warren Vestal was a graduate of Grimsley High School, class of 1978 and an active member of the Page Grimsley Rivalry Reunion Tournament. Warren passed away in 2018 but his name will live on each year through the tournament as will our memories of his jovial and warm personality.

Warren Vestal, Grimsley, Class of '78

Brian Kriegsman, Grimsley, Class of ‘81

Trick Beamer: GHS Teacher & Parent 

David Purdy PAGE, Class of  '81

Mike Hogwood - GHS '72 and loved by the PAGE tennis family

Ted Szostak, GHS Class of 1970, GHS Diving Team

Joe Szostak, GHS Class of 1973

Phil Segal GHS Class of 1976

Tim Summey, PHS class of ‘80

Sincere Davis PHS Class of 2019

Scott Allen Grimsley 1980

Duane S. Freeman, Jr., Greensboro Senior High School, 1951

Bobby Sanford Grimsley 1980

Curt Hawkins Grimsley 1980

Chuck “Boozle” Jones Grimsley 1977

Moses Scarborough Grimsley 1980
Geran Robinson Grimsley 1979
Charlie Barbee Grimsley 1980 

Denise Highfill Hinderliter, Grimsley '77.

David Murphy PHS ‘70

Michelle McGee Rothrock, Grimsley, Class of '83

Brian Kemp, Grimsley, Class of 1983

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