It started out as an “ordinary golf outing” of 8 players on the first tee box trading barbs, lies, and ultimately ironing out the details for the day’s match.  Something was different about that day’s match.  It became apparent this day the players had a particular allegiance that ran deeper than their love of golf.  It was realized each player had a particular allegiance to either Page or Grimsley High School.  The selection for the competing foursomes was easy to make on this “ordinary golf outing,” but more importantly, it was the genesis of our annual Page-Grimsley Rivalry Reunion Golf Tournament!

In 2006 John Hodges and Dean Barrett approached Don Dempsey about creating a golf tournament to celebrate and benefit the athletic departments and student athletes at Page and Grimsley High Schools in Greensboro, North Carolina. Having attended the schools and experienced North Carolina’s most intense and long standing rivalry, the trio agreed that the rivalry extended well beyond the confines of the student athlete’s high school tenure and that a golf tournament to celebrate it be would be well received.


2006 marked the first annual Page Grimsley Rivalry Reunion Golf Tournament. The tournament was a huge success from day one. The competitive spirit was obviously still alive and well in the alumni and they came out in full force to support the event. The athletic departments and student athletes saw the benefits in four student athletic scholarships and $10,000 to each athletic department. The tournament raised over $23,000for the schools.


The Rivalry Reunion is supported by many local businesses each year. The Greensboro Grasshoppers are our title sponsor and have been since 2008 and Neese’s Sausage has been the sponsor for the student athlete’s scholarships since our inception. In addition, we have many other local companies that continue to support the event each year. The alumni continue to support the event by filling the field each year with 288 golfers and requiring us to maintain a waiting list for entry.


The event has been held at Bryan Park Golf Course every year. The tournament field fills both golf courses with 288 golfers and is held the same Friday as the annual Page Grimsley football game. It has grown beyond just a fundraiser and has become an annual reunion weekend for the two schools. Many class reunions are now scheduled each year to coincide with the tournament.




Every year we donate 100% of tournament proceeds to the Athletic facilities of Page and Grimsley High Schools. These proceeds go towards bettering the athletes' high school sports experiences which in turn benefit them academically and socially. 


Here's what some of the past proceeds have been used for : 

  • Baseball uniforms

  • Dugouts

  • Wrestling mats

  • Ice machines

  • Concession stands

  • Track equipment

  • Sound systems

  • Basketball Scoreboards

  • Press Box Renovations


2017 Donations used:


The Page Alumni & Friends Association worked with the Booster Club new Athletic Director Matt Harder and Principal Erik Naglee to determine the best use for the $15,000 that the Rivalry Reunion raised for Page High School. We determined the best use of the funds was to create a second playing field to reduce the stress on the stadium field. The Rivalry Reunion donation provided 300+ seats of Bleachers, as well as 24 bench seating for each team.  We also purchased signage to welcome fans to our new field area and in addition provided signage to our newly surfaced tennis courts.

Thank you to all that made this possible!!

Charles Wright

Page Alumni & Friends Association


The 2017 Donation from the Rivalry Reunion was used to buy a new scorer's table for the Grimsley Whirlies.  This high tech scoreboard will help raise future donations through Digital Sponsorships.

Eric Albright

GHS Booster President

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