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2019 TEE SHEET : Starting Hole Assignments

#1A Kevin Fuller, Alex Burris, Caleb, Noah Williams                 GREENSBORO GRASSHOPPERS    TITLE SPONSOR

#1B Duana Cisney, Rick Michel, Matt Ryan, Marc Ridgall

#2A  Tim Leitner,  Jimmy Toompas,  Mark Leitner,  Steve Leitner

#2B   John Taylor , Michael Anderson, Larry Shaver, Tim Hoover                                                                        

#3A   Merikay Hunt, Mary Park Rogers,Vince Harris,  Corey Harris     BEAMER TIRE PAR 3 SPONSOR 

#3B  Bill Knight, Jeff Knight, Kirk McGuinn

#4A  Robert Suggs,  Ed Suggs, Scott Gullickson, Gregg Kubis   FIREHOUSE SUBS   GOLD SPONSOR


#5A Kirby Robertson, Kenny Robertson, Robert Davis,Ryan Boger        COACH MKAY GOLD SPONSOR


#6A Grant Jacobs, Stephen Twilley, Brent Holbrook, Nick Barns    TUGGLE DUGGINS    Golf Gun Sponsor

#6B Rusty Lee, Cole Lee, Chad Cato, Gary McAlister 

#7A Darryl Brown, Jesse Trip, Will Brown, GHS Golfer                     THE KITCHEN & MARKET   GOLD SPONSOR

#8A Adam Fuquay, Gary Selders​, Robert Greear, Ashley Fuquay

#8B  Jeff Austin, Stephen Austin, Stephen Picklesimer, Eric Kiser

#9A Chris Skoog, Bryan Stevens, Mike Tilley,  Jim Edmonds         FORBIS & DICK  GOLD SPONSOR

#9B  Phil Coker, Sam Fleming, Noah Williams Grimsley , Deep Clean Page golfer TBD

#10A  Key Compton, Brian Rightsel, David Sanderson, Page #4

#10B  Charles Wright, Ron Ehrhardt, Zack Matheny, Sam Simpson, 

#11A                                                              BROWN INVESTMENTS   T-SHIRT SPONSOR

#11B   Lynn Henson, Steven Henson, Mark Hamilton, Gary Wyant      

#12A  Gray McCaskill , Russ Bell, Wes Bartlett, Scott Shepherd      BEAMER TIRE PAR 3 SPONSOR    


#13A   John LaFave, Brad Gregory, David Joseph, Kevin Gesse  MARSH McCLENNAN    GOLD SPONSOR

#13B   Taylor McCaskill, Harrison McCaskill,  Brett Hacker, Stan Settle

#14A   Kirk Keever, Dan Haley, Jerry Small, Steve Parrott     WATER WORKS  GOLD SPONSOR 

#14B Susannah Turner, Carolyn Smith, Ruslana White, Julie Boone Grady

#15A  Rex Rogers, Scott Knox,  Chip Beard, John Woltz                   GLICK INSURANCE  GOLD SPONSOR

#15B  Joel Funderburk, McLean Moore, Ross Hamilton, Fraser Orr 

#16A    Chip Bristol, Richard Jones, Kyle Arnold, Lee Ross                  TRISECT COMMERCIAL    GOLD SPONSOR                       

#16B  Alec McAlister, Andy Plate, James Gentry, Terry Jones

#17A   Mike Dempsey, Charlie Hudson, Billy Mitchell, Dave Murphy       YELLOW DOG DESIGN    GOLD SPONSOR

#17B  Don Dempsey, Kayne Fisher, Trip Smith, Peter Kwiatkowski            

#18A   Adam Duggins, Jay Prytle, Bob Meyer, Jason Kovarik      BREECE ENTERPRISE  LONG DRIVE SPONSOR

#18B  Bryan Clemmons, Graham Farless, Scott Wannamaker, Will Thacker

#1A   Donald Moore, Donald Moore Jr, Tim Harris, Bruce Crockett    NESSE'S SCHOLORSHIP SPONSOR

#1B Harrison Evatt, Bob Williams, Tim Vangel, Drew White

#2A Crystal Poe, Robert Heavner , Jon Hardister , Wayne Hardister         JUSTICE LAW SILVER SPONSOR

#2B Doug Beamer,  Bill Ownbey, Sid Champion,  Rodney Wright

#3A  Brad Knott, Davis Bennett, Robert Bailey, Jay Knox          BLACK CADILLAC HOLE IN ONE Contest            

#3B Jimmy Holyfield, Tim Duhan,  Worth Wilson, Mike Walker            

#4A Ron Schmid ,Tom Skivington, Drayton Stott,  Dale Stout​     TUGGLE DUGGINS    Golf Gun Sponsor


#5A Jim Schlosser,  James Wiles, Craig Navey, Marshall Wolfe    DEEP CLEAN CARPET  PAR 3 CONTEST                    

#5B Gerald Greeson, Page #2, #3, #4

#6A   Bobby Harville, Chris French,  David Sherman, Jim Venza

#6B  Steve Billings, Scott Henegar, Alan Overbey, Don Hertweck         FIRST NATIONAL BANK GOLD SPONSOR

#7A   Anthony Fuqua, John Wolfe, Jimmy Sipsis, Jeff Todd   

#7B   William Weathersby,  Neal Mitchell , Kenton Kreager, Andy Hudnell

#8A  Phil Weaver, Christopher Mills , Jason Casterline,  Richard Gilbert                      MG NEWELL    GOLD SPONSOR

#8B Paul Hager, Bill Newnam, Stephen Allen, Rich Edmonds

#9A  Michael Sherrill, Jim Adams, David Archibald, #4       

#9B   Erik Naglee, Terry Craft , Ged O'Donnell, Russell Nelson

#10A Joe Franks,  Jay Bennett,  Dave Reynolds, Howard Bemus       JOHN"S PLUMBING    SILVER SPONSOR

#10B Guy Ayers, Sean Caviness, Chris Johnson, Billy Thanos

#11A  Johnny Hodges, Michael Hodges, Bob Hodges, Bobby Hodges                             DEEP CLEAN CARPET  PAR 3 CONTEST   

#11B Joe Zahran, Rick Halstead, Lawton Oaster, Bryan Jones

#12A Todd Fuquay,  Scott McDowell, Michael Rich, Justin Morgan                

#12B  Jon Albright, Mike Flynn, Scott Allen, Dan Elmore

#13A  Ben Miller, Darrell Pappas, John Vestal, Craig Bugby                A Better View Glass & Mirror GOLD SPONSOR

#13B  Erik Albright, Randy Little, Rick Coughlin, Ethan Albright                                                                                

#14A  Ralph Jones, Phil Collins, Glenn Collins, Barry Carpenter       MAACO GOLD SPONSOR                                                          

#14B  Scott Neff, Scott Neff, Thomas Mayes , Jackson Neff

#15A  Alan Land,  Greg Beard, Jason Fulp, Jonathan Jenkins       HAZEL JEAN VINEYARDS GOLD SPONSOR

#15B  Claiborne Brown, Derek Gamble, Dirk Fennie, Nate Kohl

#16A   John Blum, Billy Berkelhammer, John Inman,  Jim Coleman         WELLS FARGO   GOLD SPONSOR

#16B  Eric Apple, Ashley Apple, Gary Falk, Rommel Atienza

#17A  Wayne Purdy, Rick LeBaube, Jimmy Purdy,    Steve Jacobs    BLACK CADILLAC HOLE IN ONE Contest

#18A  Brien Brandenburg, Chris Brandenburg Jim Hale, Jeff Brubaker     BREECE ENTERPRISE LONG DRIVE SPONSOR    

#18B Kevin McGinty, Curtis Holms, Billy Buchannan, Dean Barrett

                                           Players listed in Italics and Underlined are Captain's Choice Teams.  They can only enter one score and must be approved prior to play

Champions Course
Players Course

Please Allow 48 Hours for regestered players to appear on this page.  We reserve to right to move incomplete foursomes to make room for additional groups.

Format & Rules

The format of the tournament is to take the top 75 scores from each school, and as history has proven, your Alma Mata has a better chance of winning if you can get more of your friends to join in the fun, so please help spread the news of this year’s tournament! Everyone plays their own play and picks up after double bogey. 

Registration starts at 8:30, with a Shotgun Start 10am

Format and rules
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