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2019 TEE SHEET : Starting Hole Assignments

#1A  Joe Franks, Jay Bennett, David Reynolds, Howard Bemus

#1B Adam Fuquay, Ashley Fuquay, Gary Selders, Robert Greear

#2A Alan Land, Bobby Land , Greg Beard, Nathan Kohl                                                     Hazel Jean Vineyards GOLD SPONSOR

#2B Merikay Hunt,  Mary Park Rogers,  Trish Conterno, Ric West Virginia                                                                         

#3A   Jonathan Jacobs , John Whitener,  Dale Stout, Billy Mitchell                                  Beamer Tire & Auto Repair SILVER SPONSOR

#3B  Ash Harrison, Van Alston, Cleve Anthony, Eddie Forward    

#4A  Doug Beamer , Rodney Wright, Bill Ownbey,  Charles Logan McClintock               UBS Paine Webber CLOSEST TO THE HOLE

#5A  Taylor McCaskill, Kyle Arnold, Jack May, Harrison McCaskill                                  Water Works Car Wash  GOLD SPONSOR

#5B  Kevin Shifflett, Patrick Dempsey, Neil Newton, Nolan Locklear

#6A  Eric Apple, Ray Wilson, Darrell Majors, Ashley Apple                                                Tuggle Duggins GOLF BALL GUN SPONSOR

#6B Chris Terrell, Gary Falk, Mark Greer,  Luke Rhoten

#7A Jim Hardy,  Ben Hardy,  John Hardy , Tanner Gardner                                               Shaver Innovations

#7B Billy Crawford, Steve Crawford, Bryan Colquitt, Rusty Cox

#8A Todd Fuquay,  Michael Rich, Scott McDowell, Justin Morgan                                     A Better View  GOLD SPONSOR

#8B  Dean Barrett, John Taylor, Tim Hoover, Larry Shaver

#9A  Hugh Elkins, Gary Baldwin, Rodney Elkins, Gary Sue                                                Firehouse Subs  GOLD SPONSOR              

#9B  Jimmy Holyfield, Mike Walker, Tim Duhan, Lynn Angle

#10A Wes Vogel, Brian Burnham, Tim Knowles, Vince Howard                                        Brown Investments T-SHIRT SPONSOR

#10B Dean Little, Mark Nussbaum,  Allen Phipps,  Kim Brannon

#11A  Charles Wright, Pat Henderson, Charles Ellis, Dana Smith                                      Simpson Commercial COOLER SPONSOR

#11B Sam Simpson, Lauten Crow, Wells Herndon, #4

#12A Adair Wright,  Alicia Sue Corbin, Scott Knox, Carter Hunt                                        Tyler, Redhead & McAlister GOLD SPONSOR

#12B  Jim Betts, Scott Rhodes, Douglas Gresham, Josh Bobbitt

#13A   Pook LaFave, Brad Gregory, Kevin Gesse, David Joseph                                        Trisect Commercial GOLD SPONSOR

#13B  Joel Funderburk, McLean Moore, Ross Hamilton, Page Golfer                               

#14A  Wes Stanley, Trey Anderson, David Anderson, Michael Cochran                           UBS PAINE Webber CLOSEST TO THE HOLE

#15A  Nathan Duggins, Tuggle Duggins #2, #3, #4                                                             Marsh & McLennan Agency GOLD SPONSOR

#15B  Gray McCaskill, Russ Bell, Wes Bartlett, Scott Shepherd

#16A   Alec McAlister,  Andy Plate, Terry Jones, James Gentry                                         Business Improvement Technologies GOLD SPONSOR         

#16B  Adam Duggins, Rick Ramsey, Page #3, #4 

#17A Pete Beeler, Page 2,3,4                                                                                                   M.G. Newell GOLD SPONSOR

#17B  Beard, Brett Schulman, Bruce Crockett, Marc Bush     

#18A  Michael Sherrill, Jim Adams, Rick Dehnert, Whit Edwards                                     Breece Enterprises LONG DRIVE SPONSOR

#18B Bryan Clemmons,  Jonathan Peddrick, Skotty Wannamaker, Chip Permar 

#1A Donald Moore, Donald Moore Jr, John Rountree, Tim Harris                                       Greensboro Grasshoppers TITLE SPONSOR

#1B  Tim Vangel, Harrison Evatt, Paul Brazeau, Hopper #

#2A  Tim Leitner,  Steve Leitner , Mark Leitner , Keith Leitner                                           Taylor Tire BRONZE SPONSOR

#2B Russell Nelson, Erik Nagle, Ged O'Donnell, Terry Craft

#3A  Skipper Hunt, John Sprink, Tom Sullivan,  Chip Stamey                                            Bill Black HOLE IN ONE SPONSOR/ PHS Alumni & Friends

#4A Bobby Harville, Chris French, David Sherman, Jim Venza                                          Tuggle Duggins GOLF BALL SPONSOR

#4B Keith Nail, Brendan Nail, Jerry Kennedy, Evan Brown

#5A Greg Kubis, Scott Gullickson, Rob Suggs,  Ed Suggs                                                    Justice Law SILVER SPONSOR                  

#5B Drayton Stott, Tom Skivington, Ron Schmid, J. Schmid

#6A Derek Gamble, Bob Vespa, Steve Foskett, TBD                                                             RHP Medical Sales Inc. BRONZE SPONSOR

#6B  Kenton Kreagar; Niel Mitch ; Chad Hoch; William Weathersby;

#7A Rex Rogers, Brian Rightsell, Key Compton, Penn Compton                                         Mitchell Hunt

#7B Jeffrey Queen, Jeff Montgomery, Skip Corneliussen , Todd Topolka

#8A  Fred Black, Charles Betts, John Albright, Page Golfer                                                 John Hardister for NC House 

#8B Scott Neff, Jackson Neff , Brooks Keopka, Thomas Mays

#9A  Chris Skoog, Bryan Stevens, Jim Edmonds, Mike Tilley                                             Forbis & Dick Funeral Services GOLD SPONSOR

#9B  Kemp Gilbert, Paul Hager, Rich Edmonds, Bill Newman

#10A Brien J Brandenburg,  Chris Brandenburg, Jimmy Hale, Doug Causey,                   Johns Plumbing Heating and HVAC SILVER SPONSOR                      

#10B Bobby Hodges, Bob Hodges, Michael Hodges, Brian Hodges

#11A  Jerry Small, Dan Haley, Steve Parrott, Kirk Keever                                                    Neese's Sausage SCHOLARSHIP SPONSOR

#11B Keith Brown , Sean Caviness , Robert Myers,  Chris Johnson                                                             

 #12A  Kenny Robertson, Kirby Roberson, Brent Hall, John Moore                                     Retirement Funding Solution GOLD SPONSOR

#12B  Scott Allen, David Willard, Dylan Styers and TBD

#13A  John Vestal, Ben Miller,  Darrell Pappas, Craig Bugbee                                             KAU SILVER SPONSOR

#13B  Erik Albright, Jon Albright, Chris Poole, TBD                                                                       

#14A  Tim Monroe, Greg Current , John Scott,  Jim Purdy                                                   Mississippi Furniture Express                                

#14B  Phil Weaver, Eric Summers ,Dick Gilbert, John LaLonde

#15A  Taylor Collins,  Tony Collins, Bert Andia, Allen Jones                                                 Yellow Dog GOLD SPONSOR

#15B  Marc Ridgall,  Rusty Lee,  Rick Pegram, Myrel Woodburn

#16A Steve Billings, Scott Henegar, Alan Overby, Don Hertweck                                       FIRST NATIONAL BANK GOLD SPONSOR

#16B Curt Holmes, Ray Holmes ,Curtis Holmes,Page Golfer

#17A  Richard Jones, Duncan Jones, TBD, TBD                                                                    Bill Black HOLE IN ONE SPONSOR/ GHS Alumni & Friends

#18A Tommy Neese, Gordon Williams, Greg Smith, Elswick Smith                                   Breece Enterpirses LONG DRIVE SPONSOR

#18B  Don Dempsey, Kayne Fisher, Trip Smith,  Mike Flinn

                                           Players listed in Italics and Underlined are Captain's Choice Teams.  They can only enter one score and must be approved prior to play

Champions Course
Players Course

Please Allow 48 Hours for regestered players to appear on this page.  We reserve the right to move incomplete foursomes to make room for additional groups.

Format & Rules

The format of the tournament is to take the top 75 scores from each school, and as history has proven, your Alma Mata has a better chance of winning if you can get more of your friends to join in the fun, so please help spread the news of this year’s tournament! Everyone plays their own play and picks up after double bogey. 

Registration starts at 8:00, with a Shotgun Start 9am

Format and rules
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